Test & Development Engineering

Our engineers are professionals who are dedicated to ensuring the equipment our customers employ is of the highest quality and functionality. Our integrated team consults constantly with other TRAX crews to ensure that all feedback and testing results are incorporated.

Members of our Test and Development Engineering group provide long-term professional engineering services related to electrical, electronic, optical, and mechanical engineering fields. These services are executed according to established procedures in support of test range instrumentation development activities. Our development engineers work closely with project engineers, researchers, and test crews to design test range instrumentation systems that will meet the demands of the testing environment.

Our engineers also coordinate with researchers and test crews in the design and development of test range instrumentation systems. We support air delivery testing, including the rigging, maintenance, and recovery of developmental air-drop platforms and parachute systems.

Through special engineering studies and technical tasks, our engineering staff has significantly increased the data collection, processing, and analysis capability of our range customers. These activities range from instrumentation plans to hardware and software design/build projects.