Telecommunications Engineering

Our telecommunications engineers recognize how vital support is to real-time testing. They employ leading edge technology to accomplish this task.

To achieve our goal of optimal service for our customers, we manage and support an entire telecommunications network. We strive constantly to upgrade our ability to serve our clients and enhance our test performance abilities.

TRAX employees provide engineering expertise and support for a variety of telecommunications necessities. We are involved in activities from beginning to end, including network installation, configuration management, and electronic equipment testing. TRAX employees can install and maintain local LAN, wireless, and IP and intranet networks. We are also experienced with data servers, printers and printing networks, and general computer support.

TRAX supports many telecommunications requirements including technical consultation, formal design packages, documentation preparation, records and forms management, and database design and maintenance. TRAX employees in other groups also support customer communications efforts by helping them to locate buried cabling prior to excavation, set up data collection equipment, and relocate telecommunications lines and fixtures.

Our abilities extend beyond the initial equipment installation for a testing project. TRAX also assists with ongoing testing and data collection by operating instrumentation during performance tests. We analyze collected data for reliability and validity and generate test reports. Finally, at the conclusion of a project, we help our customers manage the collected data and provide long-term storage.