Environmental Test Engineering

TRAX engineers are experts in the field of environmental testing - having extensive experience serving in extreme desert, artic, and tropical areas.

TRAX environmental engineers collect data at various regional test sites to observe and report how degradation and environmental conditions affect material endurance. Our extensive data collection capabilities enable us to provide our customers with the best possible information and analysis.

Our environmental engineers understand the unique challenges that testing in the arctic, desert, and tropical regions impose to systems, operational doctrine, and personnel. Temperature, humidity, solar radiation, insects, fungus, bacteria, rainfall, and numerous other factors combine to reduce the performance of men, machines, and materials quickly. For example, the tropical test sites feature dense, canopied jungle forests that block sunlight and retain moisture from the frequent rainfall, keeping the temperature warm and the humidity at nearly 100 percent around the clock, all year long.

The unique combination of micro-climates available at test sites means the individual needs of each customer are flexibly met. Programs or tests are conducted at appropriate locations where conditions are as challenging and as realistic as possible. The TRAX environmental testing teams plan and conduct environmental development tests on a wide variety of electronic systems, vehicles, materials, weapons, and equipment of all conceivable type, size, and configuration.

Our ability to support testing in each of these environments is based on our global development of specialized testing facilities and skilled personnel. TRAX offers an exceptionally experienced core of professional engineers and technicians that understand the challenges of operating in extreme environments. This includes meteorological, acoustic, video, and anthropometric equipment and support, as well data collection support.