Targets, Munitions, & Ordnance

TRAX Targets Division personnel setting up a test site in the remote jungle terrain of Panama.

TRAX employees operate and maintain fleets of foreign and domestic ground combat vehicles, stationary and remote-controlled targets, infrared and acoustic scoring systems, and signature simulation equipment. Our threat technicians are capable of manually operating various threat devices in coordination with test operations. Our experienced staff also makes equipment repairs, performs periodic inspections, and preventative maintenance.

Our Munitions group is responsible for all aspects of ammunition logistics, recovery, assembly plant support, conditioning chamber operations, and artillery testing. Our expert personnel safely prepare ammunition for environmental testing and ammunition recovery operations. TRAX’s ammunition recovery personnel are trained in the operation and maintenance of standard explosive ordnance disposal equipment, and experienced in locating and detecting ordnance items for evaluation and disposal.

In order to complement our range of abilities, TRAX provides augmentation support for meteorology and simulation range facilities, and full-function support for ballistics pressure transducers. Our staff provides maintenance for various climatic test facilities including heating, cooling, humidity, rain, and limited salt-fog environments.

Our artillery test personnel include gunners who are trained and certified for each weapon type they fire, as well as licensed to operate support equipment.