Range Scheduling, Control, & Communications

To TRAX personnel, customer satisfaction in the test environment is Job One. Meeting suspense dates, quality data collection, and accurate test reporting is essential.

A team of TRAX communications experts dedicate themselves daily to ensuring seamless operation on the range. Our dedicated team allows other teams and customers to meet their requirements and schedules for an array of test range activities.

TRAX’s personnel are experienced in the details of Range Scheduling; ensuring that operational requirements are met and conflicts are avoided. Our mission support staff is skilled in vectoring aircraft in accordance with pre-flight briefings.

Our team ensures the proper instrumentation for best coverage, provides mission coordination, data recording, and the development and implementation of range control systems.

TRAX’s team of communication specialists provide a full-spectrum of range communications services including wireless telephony and geographical information systems.

Our personnel have been trained and certified in fiber optic splicing and repair operations – resulting in enhanced reliability of service and improved documentation of installations.