Radar & Ballistics

Rapid response to dynamic test requirements, and delivering quality data go hand-in-hand with TRAX test technicians.

Our Radar and Ballistics section complements and supports several other TRAX test range service operations. TRAX technicians install, maintain, and upgrade the basic equipment that is necessary to continue providing the best available test range data.

Our support includes collecting ballistic trajectory Time, Space and Positioning Information (TSPI) data for weapons, munitions, and air delivery payloads. Skilled technicians provide comprehensive radar maintenance and support upgrade modifications including servo, optics, receiver, and computer improvements.

The Electronics group provides operational support in several major functional areas, including Telemetry and Range Timing, Test Vehicle Operations, and Range Scheduling, Control and Communication. Our skilled personnel install data-capturing equipment on a variety of test platforms. They also operate and maintain RF transmitters, timing equipment and radar systems, including HAWK and Weibels.