Optical & Geodetic Instrumentation

TRAX personnel manage the assorted camera types and imaging equipment used to record data on test-related items. In addition, TRAX provides photo-optical and television instrumentation personnel to support unusually demanding photo-optical imaging and video/thermal imaging in extreme environments. Our technicians provide laser spot and video scoring, high-speed and through-sight video, thermal imagery, fuse function times, time-of-flight data, guntube movement records, security video systems, and documentary and airborne chase coverage.

The Optics group operates and maintains the Kineto Tracking Mounts (KTMs), camera systems, Slaved Target Arena Tracking System Mounts (STATS), Portable Tracking Mounts, mobile vans, and other imaging-gathering equipment used to track fast-moving objects during testing. Our personnel team, made up of qualified crew leaders and operators, provide a variety of support functions for test platforms. TRAX technicians also have experience in mount refurbishment, resulting in increased range capability.

The TRAX team designs and fabricates a wide variety of prototype instrumentation solutions for our customers, including a mobile repair van to support field repairs. Our engineers invented a real-time, GPS-based tracking system with remote displays, allowing for individual and vehicle distinction, as well as post-processing accuracy. The system includes an easy, portable power configuration to support vehicle change and provides us with the ability to precisely and economically test several detection systems, while recording live data at base stations.

Our Video Data Reduction services can extract metric and time data to produce time history and motion data. The Geographical Information System (GIS) function requires all stages of service, from planning to installation, to provide digital mapping and terrain data for test users.

To help manage data, our programmers and analysts also provide for the reduction of data collected by range instrumentation for scoring and analysis of munitions and weapons tests, tanks and automotive tests, aviation weapons, and Soldier combat systems tests.