TRAX provides a wide range of instrumentation operational support and maintenance. Our customers have the advantage of our vast range resources and technology, and our understanding of range issues at the highest level of our corporate leadership.

Telemetry & Range Timing

Timing is everything, and TRAX is standing by to assist you. We are ready to synchronize our efforts with yours to help you generate the most accurate and precise results possible.

Test Vehicle Operations

This TRAX team wants to make sure that you are never caught flat-footed. We are equipped with the best tools and operators to keep you moving during your testing.

Range Scheduling, Control, & Communications

TRAX keeps communications experts on hand to guarantee that our customers glide through their range activities. Let us create a smooth testing experience for you.

Targets, Munitions, & Ordnance

Let TRAX take aim at your goals and testing schedule. Our sure-fire teams of skilled employees are waiting to help you reach your testing targets.

Radar & Ballistics

Hone in on our ability to maintain and upgrade your testing equipment to the highest standard. TRAX will stay beside you to continue to provide the best range data.

Optical & Geodetic Instrumentation

TRAX manages the assorted camera types and imaging equipment used to record data on test-related items.