Tropic Regions

TRAX International’s test and evaluation support capability also provides tropical engineering expertise to customers on test ranges and other facilities.

Ground Support: Our experienced personnel conduct tests in support of our customers in a variety of humid, tropical environments. Available test areas range from the lush vegetation of tropical rain forests to coastal beaches. Our capabilities include:

  • A 3-km rugged jungle course
  • Availability to test with U.S. troops
  • Small arms firing range
  • A 3.2-km (2-mile) Man Pack Jungle Course
  • An obstacle training course

Vehicle Support: Vehicle testing encompasses several areas of tropical rain forest, each of which claims diverse characteristics. These features range from recent secondary growth jungle to mature triple-canopy rain forest, so a suitable environment can be found for most testing missions. Our capabilities include:

  • Areas for prolonged tropic exposure tests in the open and under jungle canopy
  • Engineering, information technology and logistics support services on site
  • Coastal sites for various levels of salt spray exposure
  • Extensive road network
  • Large uninhabited areas
  • Extreme tropic environment

Aviation Systems: The harsh tropical environment can pose special challenges for artillery and aircraft. We are capable of conducting testing at several remote locations with a range of severe tropical conditions. Our capabilities include:

  • Helipad and hangar for rotary wing aircraft and refueling
  • C-130 certified airfield
  • Independently generated electrical power systems
  • Large uninhabited areas
  • Coastal sites for various levels of salt spray exposure