Desert Regions

Our desert regions support personnel offer an extensive collection of specific and dedicated services. Our engineers are specialized professionals providing planning, design, hazardous material training, construction assistance, alterations, and testing support. The Operations and Maintenance pages detail the extensive range of available TRAX services. Our desert regions personnel are proven experts in the following range test areas:

  • Combat & Automotive
  • Munitions & Weapons
  • Counter-terrorism & Counter-insurgency
  • Aviation & Air Delivery
  • Operations & Maintenance
  • Ammunition Supply & Test Logistics
  • Instrumentation & Test Engineering
  • Technical Reporting & Data Management

TRAX also provides automotive engineering test support for general and special purpose vehicles including tracked and combat support vehicles, agricultural equipment, amphibious, and wheeled vehicles. Automotive testing is performed on eight special test courses over natural desert terrain, prepared test slopes and obstacles, a two mile paved dynamometer course, a water spray simulator, vehicle swimming basins, and a mud basin.

In support of our ordnance operations, we provide ammunition logistics, recovery, and plant support; conditioning chamber operations; and artillery testing. Our environmental engineers and technicians operate and maintain the environmental chambers and support equipment.