Test & Range Services

Our Test & Range Services division is a leading provider of high-quality technical and logistical testing and evaluation capabilities. Our primary responsibility is to provide resources, equipment, and personnel in support of the testing process. We employ over 2,300 TRAX employees and subcontractors including manual laborers, technicians, engineers, ex-military specialists, administrative assistants, vehicle drivers, and more. Our people work directly with government employees to keep tests on target for both schedule and budget. Some of our key areas of expertise are:

Range Engineering

Our Engineering group delivers to customers the additional engineering capabilities that not just keep a program running but extend those capabilities to a whole new level.

Operations & Maintenance Services

Don't let improper maintenance or lack of repair capability bog down your test program. TRAX personnel have the experience and knowledge to keep your equipment running smoothly.

Natural Environments Testing

Your new system worked great in the lab but what about real world conditions? Let us guide your testing through the rigors and challenges of tropical humidity, desert sun, and arctic cold.