USPS – National Center for Employee Development (NCED)

The USPS National Center for Employee Development(NCED) is a world-class training, learning, and conference facility, centrally located in Oklahoma. NCED is a self-contained, living-and-learning center, offering training and conference services to agencies and business groups from across the nation.The extensive use of high-technology, computerized equipment in all areas of business creates continuing needs for advanced technical training and job-proficiency training for the work force.

The National Center for Employee Development delivers beyond its resident classrooms through its national distance learning networks, including live satellite broadcasts. Computer, video, and Internet technology are also used to deliver critical training.

TRAX’s facility maintenance team provides a wide-range of services for our U.S. Postal Service client. We provide cost-effective solutions, constant attention to daily and long-term needs, and multi-skilled individuals trained through structured cross-training programs. We maintain the roads and grounds of this vast facility in the design, repair, and operation of approximately 25 acres of turf irrigation systems. We maintain a 3-acre pond and its aquatic life and proper water levels; and operate a licensed pest control program with high regard to ecology. As part of our commitment to our customers and quality of life, we understand the importance of snow and ice removal from parking areas, sidewalks and building entrances to ensure safe mobility during inclement weather.

When it comes to security, TRAX integrates public relations, observation and reporting skills with aggressive security procedures. Our security forces are prepared to effectively and safely counter threats against persons or property and control emergency situations or any situation that has the potential to result in injury or loss to our customers, employees or visitors.