Goddard Space Flight Center – Logistics and Technical Info

As NASA’s first space flight center, Goddard is currently charged with supporting dozens of scientific spacecraft as well as major earth science projects to include Hubble Space Telescope and Tropical Rainfall Measurement Mission. Goddard Space Flight Center, Maryland employs over 10,000 civil service and contractor personnel.

TRAX is one of the largest contractors at Goddard with over 15 years working directly with the customer. Our services include the full spectrum of logistics support that spans all aspects of customer-intensive activities within the facility.

TRAX functional areas include integrated supply operations,export control, project logistics engineering and planning, multimedia and audio visual services, management of technical space flight hardware and components, warehousing and Just-In-Time (JIT) supply operations, property control, inventory management and disposal, transportation and freight traffic management, packaging and the maintenance and dispatch of fleet vehicle and special purpose equipment.