U.S. Army Yuma Proving Ground – Test Support Services

Yuma Proving Ground, Arizona (YPG) is a test range for U.S. Army weapons, munitions and new technology including surveillance and communications. YPG is a premier test and evaluation range for testing counter-IED technology, Unmanned Aerial Systems, aviation sensor and weapon systems, and rotary and fixed wing aircraft conducting personnel and cargo parachute drops.

Facilities and ranges cover more than 1,300 square miles of terrain and 2,000 square miles of restricted airspace. YPG has a primary mission of testing of military weapon systems such as tactical vehicles, tanks, artillery weapons, aircraft armament systems, munitions of all calibers, and smart munitions, among other military equipment.

TRAX’s key functional test areas include electronic instrumentation operation, optical and geodetic instrumentation operation, metrology and simulation operation, computation and automation, operations and maintenance, range management operations, technical and engineering special services, range communication operations, information management operations, data management and test coordination.